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Euroinvest: young professional staff

23.05.2022 в 12:06 | время чтения: 3 мин.

The head of Euroinvest Andrey Berezin puts into practice the recruitment of the best students of Russian universities to work in his holding. Previously, he has repeatedly stated the importance of the influx of new intelligence for business development: it increases profits and improves the technical results of the company.

According to the entrepreneur, in the future, intellectuals will become the owners of the main resources, subject to the availability of capital and a team with brains.

Andrey Berezin is sure that according to the law of the market, the lack of production leads to the need to purchase raw materials and finished products. However, the importance of intelligence has increased many times in recent years, and this process will continue in the future, gaining more and more speed. The success of any business, the businessman is convinced, is directly related to highly qualified personnel.

“Where they concentrate, there will be a breakthrough,” says the founder of Euroinvest.

Russia is facing challenges that it must quickly overcome. The country lacks high-tech projects, which are reflected in the shortage of intellectual personnel and their leakage.

At the end of March, the head of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) Sergey Plugotarenko, as part of the meeting «Development of the IT industry under sanctions» in the State Duma, about the mass departure of IT specialists from various industries abroad. In April, up to 100 thousand people could leave Russia, we are talking only about IT professionals. How the situation with the leakage of intelligence in other areas develops against the background of current events will probably become clear later.

The Russian government has taken measures to motivate specialists to continue working at domestic enterprises, but the business itself should also take part in the implementation of these measures, providing conditions for potential employees.

Thus, the companies that are part of Andrey Berezin’s Svetlana PJSC are actively recruiting young professionals, while efforts are being made to retain old staff. As part of cooperation with the largest Russian universities, the company offers jobs to the most successful final-year students. Employees can combine study with work, and upon graduation, young specialists will already have practical work experience. One of the main activities of Svetlana’s enterprises is research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, which determines the holding’s need for an influx of intelligence. Employees, in turn, get the opportunity for professional development and growth.

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